Rather than focusing on "matching" the products of other diploma frame manufacturers, we are in the business of setting a higher standard.

After Extensive Market Research and countless customers expressing their approval, we can confidently say we offer some of the finest hardwood moulding available. All frames are crafted using our exclusive custom designed moulding profile and finished in three different color choices. All moulding is highly polished using an elegant piano lacquer gloss finish.

Cherry Pecan Black Marble
Cherry: Classic rich cherry
finish with gold accents
Pecan: An elegant amber finish
with gold accents
Black Marble: A contemporary high gloss lacquer finish with gold marbling and trim

DiplomaLess reputable diploma frame manufacturers may use inferior non-conservation grade matting. In time this matting will not only fade under ultraviolet lighting, but will "burn/yellow" one's credentials wherever this matting makes contact with one's document.
Elite Frames uses only true conservation quality acid-free matting. Our matting meets the exacting Library of Congress standards for document preservation. Our matting will continue to protect a diploma for decades to come and look as crisp and sharp as the day it was purchased. These standards are paramount when framing documents to survive the test of time.
Elite Frames high quality standards would be considered obsessive by others. We simply do not send out a product unless it is perfect! Ask any of our partners. Out of thousands of diploma frames sold, most will say they have NEVER had a frame returned. We, of course, offer a 100% satisfaction return for anyone who is unhappy for any reason. No questions asked.

All of our frames incorporate our signature double mat design and stunningly unique 24 kt. 3-dimensional medallions bearing the school seal. Our gold foil embossed nameplate is also an Elite Frames first.

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